About Peter Poropat

Spanning more than three decades, Peter Poropat’s interest in identifying Australian rainforest trees has led him to publish two popular books on the subject; Barks and Trunks and Barks and Trunks Vol 2.  Peter’s skill and experience is such, that he is able to link rainforest trees to their family by bark characteristics, textures and trunk shapes.

His passion for rainforest trees was initially sparked by the work of Queensland Botanist WD Francis. First published in 1929, Francis’s book Australian Rainforest Trees recorded large rainforest trees for botanical literature. Inspired by this work, Peter set out to record these trees in colour to contribute to the botanical identification of eastern Australian rainforest trees.

Peter has conducted many educational rainforest walks. He invites Botanists, Naturists, Landcare groups, and anyone interested in brush trees, to gather a group of 15-20 people for 2 – 4 hour walks to give people a better concept of rainforest trees.

Peter has also been involved in bush regeneration since 1980, commencing rainforest regeneration works at Berkeley Islands and Berkeley Hills Illawarra. 1990, he’s been involved in bush regeneration works on the Gold Coast, working on sclerophyll forest, hardwood, gum and rainforest remnants, and worked on 3.5 kilometres of dunal systems between Kingscliff and Cabarita beach on the Tweed Coast.

Peter’s books Barks and Trunks and Barks and Trunks Vol 2, are available here.

To get the dates for upcoming nature walks with Peter contact him here.